All Air Conditioners work the same way, not by blowing cold air into the environment, but by removing heat from your air instead!
Semantics aside, summers without A/C can be incredibly uncomfortable. Sleepless nights and lacking the energy to go about your activities are just a few unpleasantries when your house is always sweltering. For pets, young children and the elderly, high temperatures are more than just draining, they can be life-threatening.
Let the experts at Honest Abe Plumbing, Heating & Cooling come out to your home and assess your situation. Whether you have an old or new unit in need of simple maintenance, minor or major repairs, or if you're looking to invest in a brand-new system that will give you years of comfort, we can get you what you require and have you cool and happy again in no time!
We also offer money-saving maintenance and service plans that will keep your A/C in excellent working condition, as well as discounts on repairs to prolong its life.
  • We service most brands, from that 12 year-old unit, to the newest models.
  • We have a range of new systems for sale, something for every budget!
  • Courteous and clean, we respect your home and leave it just the way we found it - Only colder!
  • Our technicians have years of experience installing and maintaing all types of A/C units.
 Call us now to save more than just pennies on AIR CONDITIONERS!







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