The Kitchen or bathroom sink connects to various waste lines including the main sewer lines and also connects to the water lines as a source of water; your kitchen sink could deteriorate over time, resulting in leaks, rusting, clogs and blockages unless properly installed and maintained.
The life of your sink can be enhanced by using the right brand, materials and also installing it the right way.
At Honest Abe Plumbing, Heating & Cooling we understand the value of installing sinks that last years, and we promise to do your installations and repairs the right way to result in long-term smooth operation of your kitchen sink.
Our plumbers have years of experience in solving complex residential and commercial plumbing problems, and we can get your sink installed or repaired, whatever the problem.

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  • Our technicians will clean up before they go, and be courteous in you home.
  • We will never over-charge you for plumbing services, and we will always provide an upfront estimate before any work is done.

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