One of the major appliances in your household is your furnace. Most people don't even think about their furnace...until it stops working in the dead of winter. There are several ways to heat your home; boilers, heat pumps and furnaces are the most common.
Furnaces have traditionally used a wide array of fuel sources, today it's mostly natural gas - Did you know that furnaces today can operate at almost 98% efficiency? Many newer furnaces can save you a ton on heating costs over older units that may have been in your home for over a decade. There are several major components to a typical furnace that can malfucntion or break down from use and age.
No need to get frosty in the winter! Whether it's repairing an aging system, or having us come out and explain the benefits and installing a brand-new energy saver unit, let the experts at Honest Abe Plumbing, Heating & Cooling get your home warm and comfortable this winter season.

  • No hassle, no pressure, systems for every budget!
  • A great name-brand unit will last years and years with regular maintenance.
  • We offer money-saving maintenance and service plans to help you keep that unit running efficiently!

Call us now to save more than just pennies on FURNACES!

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